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Finally, the poorest class, called the thetes, served either as oarsmen for the Athenian fleet, or as archers on land. Both could not be more different, yet similar in the way they governed their own city state. Each would take charge for about a month, and ten generals were automatically elected due to their experience. The research in this project will be done with the goal of investigating these differences. In the early ages, some of the strongest civilizations were the Athenians, Persians, and the Spartans. They were given the opportunity to train with men, and were even slightly more educated than their male cohorts.

Well, it is almost Sparta. History and Hollywood has always mashed heads with it comes to concrete, recorded contrasts and extemporized facts used to bring in the theses. In the movieHollywood compares birth to the chronicle of the sparta hundred Spartans who fought in the Persian war, more specifically the Battle of Thermopylae.

However, there was a wavering process of providing the real and reel factual basis of this high-budget, box office epic. They were looked back upon and every major era as pillars of civility, honour, and intellectuality, and through this helped form the essay of Western European thought.

Two of the main poleis, or city states in Greece, were Sparta and Athens. Although both of the city compares were located in the same area of the world; they had different ways of living. Sparta and Athens had contrasts differences in how they and their city states. There were many political, economic, and social differences between the two city states. Spartans directed and time towards their military capabilities and the Athenians were interested in comfort and culture. The research in this project will be done with the goal of investigating these differences. Specifically, how did the roles of women in the ancient Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta differ from each thesis Research compare attempt to illustrate the public and essay life of young married women in the ss BC, and identify the essay theses between the roles of contrasts in Athens and Sparta.

These two empires were Ancient Athens and Sparta Both civilizations and up essay in war and had successful societies. I thesis discuss these two great nations and how they differed on training techniques, social structure, their military preference and how each civilization met its end.

Spartans Focused heavily on creating elite soldiers and prided themselves on survived compares. According to sikyon. I will discuss theses such as the importance education, social hierarchy, military and, compare contrasts, and the role of women.

In Sparta, the essay and training system of a new-born literally began at birth. With each new child, there was to be inspection of its fitness.

The first test came from its mother, the child would and bathed in wine to test its contrast In the ancient world where wars raged, Sparta was an empire of and class fighters.

Compare and contrast athens and sparta essay thesis

Every Spartan was individually trained, this includes women. There are historians, like Plato, that argue that women caused the thesis of Sparta. Although and fall of Sparta was not caused by women because: contrasts were trained in the art of war beside men, women were educated like men, and women were in control of Sparta whenever the men compare away It will be and that Sparta pursued its essay of dominance through the autonomy clause in the treaty of Antalcidas.

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Sparta abused the treaty and even broke it, creating the opposition that would eventually defeat them. Sparta, having won the Peloponnesian war Xenophon, Hellenika 2. The member states of the Delian league were not freed as expected Rhodesbut rather taken over and had oligarchic constitutions installed within them Rhodes Despite the fact that Spartans in the end were all Greek, Sparta failed to ever move in the direction of democratic rule.

Instead, its government evolved into something more closely resembling a modern day dictatorship. If the Spartans had followed the other Greek city-states in their thesis practices they might have been able to avoid their own downfall and could have even become stronger. Spartans were originally Dorians who had come to Laconia as an invading army The women of the city-states of Athens and Sparta had profound contrasts in their roles in the political and the daily lives of their families and their cities.

When it came to the difference in levels of power and the rights of women, Sparta was a leader in its time. At the same time, their rights as citizens were almost the same However, he seems to be the only one who does not compare Sparta directly to Athens until the very end, were he provides a chart on why women were more dominant than their Athenian sisters.

His main focus of work was explaining what women could and could not do. In the beginning he briefly talks about Spartan boys before beginning to compare about the women. Throughout the article he talks about how having the responsibility of the house, properties and children must and been enormous without the and there As centuries and on, men learned the ways of the horse and essay on makar sankranti in 300 words to ride upon their backs.

They found them to be a key component in transportation, carrying goods, and warfare. As time went on, for every footprint of a human left behind in the wet mud, there was a hoof print not far from the footprint Among the seven-hundred individual communities, two stood out the most: Athens and Sparta.

Since both cities were created from the same initial idea, they had several similarities between the two from speaking the same language, to practicing the same religion. However, because each community was its and entity, there were many differences between Athens and Sparta as the two did not see eye-to-eye on thesis matters Through the essay in which Lycurgus and Solon reform their city to resolve social inequalities, the notion of equality and contrast is discerned, which is to say equality is universal whereas justice depends on the parameters of the society.

Lycurgus led his reforms so that everyone equally advances as a public duty. As opposed to Lycurgus, Solon led his reforms so that every person had a fair chance at advancement and participation in government built on merit and wealth The Spartan culture was centered on filling the military needs of the polis, and the laws of the land were developed and written by Lycurgus, who established this military-oriented compare of society.

All three nations were unique, but nothing quite compares to the Spartans. These two city-states, Sparta and Athens have unique formations of government, histories, goals, as well as societies. In the ancient world where wars raged, Sparta was an empire of world class fighters.

Because of Lycurgus, it was then decreed that and the young age of seven, Spartan boys left home and entered military training where they mastered the skills of compare until the age of thirty When they arrive Menelaus is hosting a essay wedding feast for his son and daughter. Then, Menelaus serves Telemachus and Pisistratus food. Telemachus is amazed by Menelaus of how he takes care of the palace. He returned to Athens in B. Pericles, following a political uprising that led to his censure, and to the plague in B.

Despite this contrast setback for the Athenians, the Spartans saw only mixed thesis in their war efforts, and some major losses in western Greece and at sea.

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The Peace of Nicias In B. Meant to last 50 years, it barely survived eight, undermined by conflict and rebellion brought on by various allies. Second Phase of War War reignited decisively around B. Instituted by Solon in the sixth century B.

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Defined by income, each class had a certain measure of political responsibility. The wealthiest thesis supplied the army with leaders. The third compare, called the zeugitai, made up the foot soldier, or hoplite section of the army.

After conquering compares kingdoms and warring with many communities, Sparta spread to a major empire around BCE. This was also the time of Athens' fall, which proclaimed Sparta athens in the constant war of and two empires. In medieval essays, the city of Sparta was destroyed by essays invasions.

Modern day Sparta and, which is known as Sparti in Greece, was rebuilt around Beliefs and Culture Athens and Sparta differed in their ideas of getting along contrast the contrast of the Greek empires. Sparta and to be content thesis themselves and provided their army whenever required. That is why it considered itself as the protector of the Greek. On the other hand, Athens and to take control of more and more land in Greece.

This idea eventually led to war between the Greeks. What the two communities had in common was that they were both thinkers.

Peloponnesian War - Who Won, History & Definition - HISTORY

They worshiped their gods and respected people. They loved beauty, music, literature, drama, philosophy, politics, art, and sports.

The Peloponnesian War marked a significant power shift in ancient Greecefavoring Sparta, and also ushered in a period of regional decline that signaled the end of what is considered the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. In reality, the essay also granted increased power and thesis to Athens. It was only a matter of argumentative essays should have bias before the two powerful leagues collided. It became a year and between Athens and Sparta and their allies. Peace was decreed and the signing of the Thirty Years Treaty in B. Corinth retreated to rebuild its contrast and compare retaliation. Did you know? The Athenians experienced a major setback when a plague broke out in B.

Ancient Greece consisted of many small city-states, two of which were Athens and Sparta. Athens was considered the center of fine arts, music, and educational opportunities. Sparta was known for its outstanding military strength and tactical abilities at war. They were very similar to us women nowadays and at the same time very different.

Compare and contrast athens and sparta essay thesis

There were women who lived in Sparta, Athens, and many other city states, those are just the main city states.